Sunday, July 17, 2011


Dear Dave,

Graduation from high school is a big deal, and I’m glad to be here today watching you make the formal leap from being a child to being a man.   Any fellow who survived a jellyfish attack can survive whatever comes after that.

 Now you’re beginning a new phase of learning, one where you must be more independent.  I have confidence that you will ace this new challenge and go on to a job you like.  It’s important to like your work - really, really important.  Don’t settle for less.

Be sure to get out of town when you can.  There’s a lot of world outside Monona, Wisconsin.  Traveling is almost as important as the work you do.  You’ll be a better person for it - more compassionate, thoughtful, and much wiser.  Remember that most of the world doesn’t live in the USA.  Also remember that most of the world’s people would prefer to live in the USA so take care of your country.  It’s a terrific country.  Learn about it and keep on learning.  The USA needs good guys like you.

I love you.


June 2008

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